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Инсталација СМР редуктора

Инсталација мењача

       SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Satislactory perlormance depends on proper installati on. lubrication and maintenance. therelore it is important that the instructions in the installation and maintenance leallet. supplied with each gearbox. are lollowed carelully. some 01 the important aspects 01 belt and torque-arm install at ion are lis ted below

1. SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Install pulley on gearbox input shaft as close 10 Ihe red ucer possible, and mount reducer on driven shaft as close to bearing as practical (see ligure 1 ). lailure 10 do Ihis will cause excess loads in Ihe inpul shaft bearings and oulput bearings and could cause th eir premature lailure.
2. SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Install motor and wedge belt drive with the belt pull at approximately 900 to the center line between driven and input shatts (see lig .2) . this will permit tensioning 01 the wedge belt drive with the torque arm which should prelerably be in tension . il output hub runs anti-clockwise. torque arm should be positioned the right (see lig .3) .
3.SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,lnstall torque-arm lulcr.um on a rig id support so that the torque-arm will be at approximately right angles to the center line through the driven shalt and the torque arm case bolt (see l ig.5). make sure there is sufficient take up in the turnbuckle for belt tension adjustment.


SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer, Lubricat ion And Mounting Positions


SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,shalt mounted reducer is dispatched without oil , it is necessary to lill the proper amount 01 oil belore running , use a high- grade petroleum base rust and oxidation inhibited (R&O)gear oil

количине уља (литара)


Белешка: 00 not use E. P. mineral oils other than those recommended when using a backstop

Инсталација каиша и примена редуктора

затезних снага


Метода затезања каиша

1.SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer, Calculate the deflection distance in mm on a basis of 16mm per meter of span. Center distance(m) x 16=Defection(mm),
2. SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Use a spring balance and rule measure the force of the belt, if the value falls within the values given, the drive should be satisfactory.
У супротном, користите копчу обртног момента, подесите затегнутост каиша. (Напомена, правац силе и појас треба да буду под правим углом).


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