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Избор мењача СМР редуктора

       Ever Power Shalt Mount Reducer are metric in design throughout and have power ratings to AGMA standard. Shaft Mount Reducers provide a very convenient method reducing speed, since it is mounted directly on the driven shalt instead 01 requiring loundations its own. It eliminates the use of one, and sometimes two, flexible couplings and external belt take-up arrangements, A torque-arm anchors the reducer and provides quick, easy adjustment the Wedge Belts by means of its turnbuckle
         Ever Power Shaft Mount Reducers are manufactured in eight gear case sizes, nominal gear ratios are 5:1,13: 1 and 20:1, A very wide choice of final driven speeds can be determined by the use of an appropriate input Wedge Belt Drive
        Уређаји ће обично бити подмазани уљем, али су подједнако погодни за синтетичка мазива са дугим лилима

Серице Фацтор

Изаберите апликацију фактора услуге на уређају.

Фактор услуге

СМР-избор мењача

Дизајнирајте снагу и излазну брзину

       Determine the output speed of the gear units , multiply the absorbed power (or Motor power if absorbed power nit known) by the service factor chosen in step 1
        Note: Gear units are momentarily capable of transmitting twice (2X) the rated capacity on start or during operation

Избор јединице

According to the output speed and design power value lorm step 2 refer to the power rating tables (ОЦЕНА МОЋИ)and select the correct size unit The choice of single or double red uction gearbox will be determined by the output speed required , The normal operating speeds for each 01 the gearboxes may be observed in the power rating (ОЦЕНА МОЋИ) и столови за погон каиша (Белт Дриве столови), For other speeds please consult YINGTAI. Note: When use 5:1 Gear Units, the Back stop do not recommended .

Избор ременског погона

избор припадајућег ременског погона за електричне моторе од 1440 о / мин

1.SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,0utput Speed
Refer to the Drive Selection Tables (page 12 to 15) and under the appropr-Iate gearbox size and ratio read down the column headed 'Output Speed' until an Output Speed equal or near to that required is found. The suggested gearbox ratio is given in the first column

2.SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Pulley Diameters
Read across from the chosen output speed to obtain both driving and drives pulley pitch diameters , groove section and the appropriate number of belts
Note: in many instances one belt is recommended , being adequate for power transmission purposes ; where customer preference is for muti-belt drives consult YINGTAI.

3.SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Center Distance
SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Belt length and center distance can be found by referring to the appropriate pages 01 the "Wedge Belt Drives" catalogue.

Белешка: SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Wedge belt drives shown on pages 12 to 15 have given the most economical total drive package for the speed required . If it is necessary to design a special drive , please consult YINGTAI. Torque arm should preferably be in tension when unit is in operation

Selection of associated belt for driving speeds other than 1440 rpm

1, Брзина осовине улазног мењача
Помножите излазну брзину мењача са ТАЧНИМ ОДНОСОМ ЗУПЧАНИКА (налази се у табели СМР-редуктор-димензије) to obtain the gearbox input shaft speed.
2 Избор „В“ Ориве
Одговарајући погон каиша сада се може одабрати позивајући се на каталог „ведгр Бели Дривес“


SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,A shaft Mounted Speed Reducer is requi red for a uniformly loaded elevator which absorbs 3.6kW at 50 rpm. The prime mover is a 4kW 1440 rpm direct on line start electric motor. A belt drive is required between the motor and gearbox at approximately 700mm centers running for up to 24 hours/Day
        SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Gear Unit Selection
        1 、SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Service factor
        Из табеле 1 фактор услуге је 1.25.
        2 、SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Design Power
        Коришћењем лифта апсорбована снага од 3.6кВ. Пројектна снага = 1к25 = 3.6кв
        3 、SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Unit selection
        Using 4.5kw as the basis for selection reference to the power rating tables (page 7)indicates that E13 or E20 gear unit will transmit 5.81 kw at 50 rpm
        Избор припадајућег погонског појаса
        1,SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer, Output speed
        SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer, A more economic belt drive will be obtained if the 20: 1 ratio gearbox is selected, any by reference to page 13 in the gearbox drive tables 50 rpm is obtainable.
        2 、SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Pulley diameters
        On the line giving the output speed of 50 rpm , read across and note the driving and driven pulley pitch diameters together with the numbers of belts requ ired , which for this case is 100 mm and 140 mm, using 2 SPA wedge belts .
        3 、SMR Shaft Mounted Reducer,Belt selection
        Позивајући се на 'клинасте ременске погоне' може се видети да СПА 1800 каишеви дају центре од 711 мм.

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